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  New Millennium Delphiniums




We have seeds for sale:

The delphiniums we breed and offer for sale are primarily D. elatums types. That is the tall majestic English Delphinium Hybrid. They are generally regarded as far superior to "Pacific Giants" and many other commercially available "packet" seed types... buy seed bullet

Gift Certificates

We are now offering gift certificates - just fill out the payment part of the form (seed orderform or plant orderform) including your name and address and leave us a message giving the total you wish to spend.

We have information on growing delphiniums:

Cultivation notes on growing delphiniums from seed and from cuttings, in pots, in the USA & Canada, Australia and Europe, commercial crop and home garden. We also offer advice on preventing Damping Off and a quick fix.. read more bullet

We have photos of delphiniums:

Gardeners throughout the world love delphiniums but relatively few realise how easy it is to grow them, or what a wonderful range of form and colour is available... see the photos bullet

We have plants for sale to New Zealand residents:

It is our aim, through the provision of information and access to plant material, to promote delphiniums in the gardens of the world, and through the breeding programmes of ourselves and others, select strains suited to as wide a variety of conditions as possible.

We are marketing the very best of our new hybrids and seedlines under the name New Millennium DelphiniumsTM. The cloned plants are available only in New Zealand at this stage, but the seedlines are available to all... buy plants bullet



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