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This Week - A Year In Delphinium Seed Production

We have been publishing "What are we doing this week" pages for over a year now. Here is a collection of photographs featured in the past showing the yearly cycle of delphinium seed production. You can click on the photographs below to see a larger version. We have more information on taking cuttings and on hand pollination on the Grow Delphiniums pages.

cuttings insdie plastic house hydroponic pots
Taking cuttings to grow new seed mother plants Growing the seed mothers on in small pots They are now in their large pots and in place ready for production. Plants stay in these pots for the next few years and are fed a hydroponic mix .
blue parent pollinating seed saving
Blue Parent Pollinating by hand Collecting Seed
seed pods seed drying cleaning seed
Seed Pods Drying Seed Cleaning seed - using sieves, colanders and tweezers
seedlings seed trays delph beds
Newly sprouted delphinium seedlings sown for trials Growing the seedlings in cell trays Seed Trial beds in flower


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