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  New Millennium Delphiniums

New Millennium Delphiniums
New Zealand bred, named varieties - cutting grown
Free flowering, cutting grown varieties which have proved to be long lived and easy to grow, as well as being full petalled and of good colour. These are outstanding selected varieties from our own breeding. They are the cream of the cream.
New introductions and re-introductions are marked with a star: star
14 cm pots $14.50

Blue Delphiniums

Blue Funk – The best deep, bright blue with a white bee that we have, Blue Funk is stocky, with a wide spike crammed full of florets, a real elongated pyramid shape. She is maybe a couple of weeks later than some and this may well give her strength. The vigorous, healthy root system ensures great growth and a long life. (1–1.5m)
Christina - Very full double flowers that can be somewhat similar to Sarita in colour, but a little easier to propagate and grow. Mauve/blue with a hint of turquoise (1m-1.4m)
Diva - The name says it all. This one is forthright and makes a rather short, stout, sturdy plant. Such a nice form it makes you want to burst into song. Give her plenty of room. The colour is the blue/mauve that you may turn if you hold your breath too long. (0.8m-1.3m)
James - This variety is a beautiful light sky blue with a white bee. Named after my active, vivacious into everything young nephew this plant reflects his character. Time will tell if the real James will be as prolific as his namesake but with eyes like the colour of the delphinium he’ll have every opportunity I’m sure. (1–1.5m)
Sarita - Definitely our most known delphinium, Sarita is a cracker and has drawn great reviews while growing at the Royal Horticultural Society’s trial grounds at Wisley, England. Sarita is double flowered with many petals of light blue that have a light pink blush away from the petal edge, which is ruffled. At times the centre of the flower will have an anemone type cushion of pale blue/pale green petals – just gorgeous! Large florets (1.2-1.8m)
Pink Delphiniums
Ballerina Improved - Pale pink/mauve florets on a tall, full spike. This plant is very strong and prolific. The central bee is markedly striped with yellow and brown. A really nice delicate delphinium: (1.3m–1.8m)
Coral - This clear pale pink variety produces double flowers or occasionally heavily petalled florets with a pale pink/white striped bee on a long full spike. It is a tall strong grower and may flower a week or so later than most 1.2-1.8m
Ice Block - Confession time. As a boy my mates and I rode a bus to school. Sometimes the conductor wouldn’t collect the fare and if I got away without paying I could afford strawberry milk ice block on my way home. They were the softest, most evenly coloured pink that you can imagine, just like this delphinium. The dark bee contrasts beautifully with the pink florets to make the flowers stand out in any garden. This one is nice enough to eat. (1.2-1.5m)
Jasmine - A pink double that’s a must have if you’re into pinks. Jasmine has a pad of sterile anthers in the centre of the flower. This plant is quite short, even for pinks. She is arty this one and can sometimes, in autumn, produce very full flowers with green central petals. (0.8m–1.2m)
Juanita - Flowers reminiscent of apple blossom are carried on fairly dark stems producing an interesting contrast. Does not produce masses of spikes so will not require thinning. Named after Janice. (1m–1.5m)
P9908 - Deep pink with a prominent brown bee. This plant is the only delphinium we have so far that could be described as having a perfume. Have a sniff on a warm, summer day. Not a rose, definitely delphinium! Relatively short, strong spikes.
Pirouette - The palest of pink doubles this variety is almost pure white with frilly, silky petals. Flower spikes are very strong and of excellent form with many lateral flowering side shoots. (Up to 2m
Purple Delphiniums
Juan Carlos - Very dark blue/purple with a strong, tall stem. In fact this variety has the strongest stem, and is the most floriferous of all our delphiniums. It will need staking as the flower spike can exceed 2m but has withstood severe winds and rain with the minimum of support. Highly recommended. (2m)
Lucy - If any variety provokes people to say that it is the quintessential delphinium then this is it. Blue base petals overlaid with light purple inner petals and set off with a white bee simply say “delphinium”. This is a real favourite of all who see her. Relatively short and certainly long lived.
Panache - Deep clear purple with a white bee and strong stems. This is a very strong grower and has a wonderful even purple colour. Very distinct. The spike is quite narrow. (1– 1.5m.)
Taffy - Very strong and stocky just like a Welsh coal miner of times past, hence the name, with masses of blue/purple double florets. This should be a good plant for Wellington as the stems are very strong and will stand the wild weather better than most. Taffy looks stunning en masse. Very long lived. (1–1.3m.)
The Cardinal - A double mid purple giant which grows to over 2.3m, over 1.5m of which is covered in flowers. The flower spike is pyramidal in shape and the florets tightly packed. This enormous plant is the tallest we have to offer. Use tall, strong stakes for support as the weight of flowers when wet is considerable.(Over 2.3m)
Wenceslas - Because the colour is noble, deep, very crisp and even. The most luscious of purples with a strong black and purple striped bee. Absolutely delicious and a stunner in the garden.Will stand a bit of snow too! This variety is stunning and I'm baffled why orders have been so slow. For me it is one of the best we have to offer. He is strong, definitely male, incredibly striking and handsome as can be. This will light up your garden and I'll eat my hat if you're not impressed! (0.8m–1.4m)
White & Green Delphiniums
Spring – We have delayed introducing a green clone until we could be sure that we had something really exceptional, this is it. A stunning light green double with full short spikes bearing very double, often ruffled, petals with a distinct green hue. Very robust.
White Magic - Good, strong, long-lived whites with white or cream bees have proved elusive; however, this one is a cracker. The stems are often dark, the foliage always lush and the florets spaced tightly up the stem. The white is very white and the bee adds a hint of green. This plant is a very, very good white delphinium with a vigorous and healthy root system. (1-1.5m)
Yellow Delphiniums
Sunrise - Truly a magnificent plant producing a classic pyramidal spike with beautiful pale yellow florets with a puffy cream bee. There will be only a few plants of this stunning cream available again as it is very slow to bulk up. This plant has shiny dark green leaves and an extremely vigorous and healthy root system. Late flowering. (80cm-1.5m)

NZ Hybrid Delphiniums

Seedling grown
These plants are from hand crossed seed harvested from the best of our F1 Hybrid mother stock.  Colour variation will be minimal. They will produce vigorous, hardy plants with characteristics similar to our New Millennium named varieties - ideal for the bulk of your delphinium garden.
9 cm pots $6.50
Black Eyed Angels – Black bees contrasting with white petals. This colour combination is outstanding and will be a focal point in any garden. It is on the short side at 1 to 1.2m tall.
Blue Lace
- These are relatively tall, light blue and double flowered. Blue Lace is as near as we have got so far to producing a Sarita like flower from seed. Plants will carry flowers with many petals (up to 30 or so per floret) and be either fully double or close to it. Where bees are present they will be either the same colour as the petals or striped white over the petal colour.
Double Innocence - Didn’t think you could be doubly innocent did you? Well, the name says it all. This is obviously a really pure white and the flowers are fully double, borne on relatively short spikes. This will go well near the front of a border with a something tall and dark (and Italian?) behind it or, for a more subtle effect, in front of a light pittosporum–delicious!  ( 1–1.3m)
Dusky Maidens - Deep mulberry pink with brown bees. These plants are strong stemmed and will fill your garden with lively mulberry pinks. Darker and less delicate than Sweethearts they are a great garden colour either in a border or as specimen plants.
Green Twist - These flowers will be white with a cream or green tinge and may have a cream/green bee or no bee at all. Ideal for showing off other plants or lightening up a dark spot. Short. (0.8–1.4m)
nnocence - Pure white with white bees. What more to say? Innocence says it all.
Misty Mauves produces masses of mauve and purple double flowered spikes, tightly packed with frilly edged florets. THese are very strong and long lasting plants. Well worth a try if you’ve not done so before. Great with red roses. (1–1.4m)
Morning Lights - Named because it reminds me of early morning sun shining through the mist. Morning Lights produces very strong plants that have mauve flowers with white bees. This is a really good garden plant with lush green foliage and bold spikes and a colour that blends with almost anything. (1m to 1.4m )
Pagan Purples - This is a cross using two of our very best purple doubles. Plants should have strong stems and be of a very dark blue or purple colour. May be a little shorter than most.
Pink Punch - This is a cross for the deepest pinks we have to offer. The flowers are borne on very strong, relatively short stems and will have contrasting dark bees. This is one for a highlight, something to catch the eye and you won’t be disappointed. Try it. Height 1m
Purple Passion - This is really nice and should give flowers perhaps deeper than ‘Panache’. An even purple with a white bee the flower spikes will be strong and relatively short. (0.8–1.6m)
Royal Aspirations - Shades of blue with white bees. This is the quintessential delphinium that is a must for any garden and the colour that most folk think of. Ironically blues tend to be shorter lived than other delphiniums but should still last a few years in your garden.
Sweethearts - Mid to light pink with white bees. The white bee makes this variety a softer pink than Dusky Maidens, just the sort of thing for weddings. When a young boy, I used to save my pennies to buy raspberry, milk ice blocks. The colour of Sweethearts reminds me of those special treats.

starNew Short/Medium Height Seedling Grown

These plants can be expected to grow about a half to 2/3 the height of traditional delphiniums and have very strong, stocky stems. Individual plants will be a shade of purple (light or dark - no pink).

9 cm pots $9.00

Other Delphiniums

Seedling grown Belladonna type delphiniums, not from our breeding.

17 cm pots $14.50

Pink Sensation (D ruysii) - A beautiful, single flowered, shell pink belladonna type hybrid that occurred by happy accident over 50 years ago. It is still popular in gardens throughout the world and will last for several years in your garden here in New Zealand. I heartily recommend it. (70cm to 1m)
Blue Sensation - Like Pink Sensation, we are constantly asked to stock this beauty. Bright sky blue single flowers with a contrasting bee are borne on wiry stems that grow to between 80cm and 1.3m tall. It is a strong grower, forming a large clump and coming back year after year. (70cm to 1m)


The very latest developments in single flowered Hollyhocks - imported from Germany especially for this catalogue.
Blacknight (deep Purple)
Sunshine (rich yellow)
Mars Magic (a stunning red)
Polarstar (white)

9 cm pots $6.50

Carton Specials
Something for all. Always very popular and a great way to buy the bulk of your delphiniums.
A carton of 15 plants in 9 cm pots - choose from:
Pinks:      Dusky Maidens and Sweethearts
Blues:      Royal Aspirations, Blue Lace,
Purples:  Purple Passion, Pagan Purples
Whites:   Innocence, Double Innocence and Green Twist
Bright Blues & Whites: Royal Aspirations and Double Innocence
Pinks & Purples:    Dusky Maidens, Sweethearts, Pagan Purples, Purple Passion
Mixed Carton: our choice
Any One Variety: choose from the following: Black-Eyed Angels, Dusky Maidens, Green Twist, Innocence, Sweethearts, Pagan Purples, Pink Punch, Double Innocence, Blue Lace, Royal Aspirations, Purple Passion, Morning Lights, Misty Mauves
$99 including freight- a saving of $12.50-$18.50

starA mixed carton of the new short/medium height. These plants can be expected to grow about a half to 2/3 the height of traditional delphiniums and have very strong, stocky stems. They come in a mix of pastel purples and mauves, with the odd pink and are available in box lots of 15 plants (at our normal box lot price).

$99 including freight- a saving of $50.00-$56.00

Cutting Grown
A carton of 6 plants in 14 cm pots - choose from:
Any One Variety: Delphiniums look stunning in blocks of the same plant.  Choose from the following only: Ice Block,White Magic, Piroutte, Diva, Jasmine, James, Panache
Strongest Growers: one each of Juan Carlos, Pirouette, Blue Funk, Jasmine, James, Cardinal
$95.00 including freight - a saving of $6.00-$12.00

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